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Epoxies that meet the demands for high-performance

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Elevating Industry standards for Epoxy quality and expert support

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Epoxy formulations tailored to your proprietary process

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PRO-SET® Epoxies meet your highest goals in composite performance. PRO-SET manufactures a wide array of epoxies for laminating, infusion, tooling and assembly. These epoxies offer enhanced handling characteristics, excellent cure profiles, and uniform mix ratios, while maintaining rapid fulfillment and competitive pricing. Our in-house team of chemists and advanced composite experts can work with you to develop custom formulations specifically for your proprietary processes.

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Custom Formulating
In-House Lab & Testing
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Superior Standard Epoxy Systems

Epoxy Tailored to Your Proprietary Processes 

Our resin/hardener combinations accommodate a wide array of composite processes. We utilize cutting-edge formulation technology and the best raw materials for superior performance. Our standard epoxy systems provide viscosity and cure speed options, while uniform mix ratios allow for custom in-shop blends.

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Aligned With Your Industry

Formulated to Exceed Industry Demands

We provide epoxy designed to meet the specific demands of various sectors, including aerospace, automotive, marine, defense, and wind/tidal energy. Whether you aim to achieve unparalleled strength-to-weight ratios or ensure exceptional durability, PRO-SET® Epoxy is the top choice for those seeking superior quality in composites

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