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Use PRO-SET Epoxy products to create strong, lightweight composites that can withstand the harshest environments. PRO-SET Epoxies meet your highest goals in composite performance.

Standard PRO-SET Epoxies for Laminating, Infusion, High-TempTooling, Assembly, and Clear Coating offer improved handling characteristics, excellent cure profiles, and rapid order fulfillment at competitive prices. We also offer Process Equipment.

PRO-SET products are manufactured and shipped from our facility in Bay City, Michigan. Orders for standard formulations leave our plant 3 to 5 days from receipt of purchase order. PRO-SET distributors keep standard PRO-SET products in stock. Custom formulations require longer lead times.

“We picked PRO-SET for our boats because using anything other than the best epoxy available just wasn’t an option,” said Trevor Davidson, a boat builder with American Magic. “AC75’s need to withstand high loads underway and are built to exacting standards. Having PRO-SET and Gougeon on our team was an essential part of the production process.”