Custom Formulating

The Gougeon epoxy formulation lab
The state-of-the-art epoxy formulation laboratory at Gougeon Brothers, Inc., Bay City, Michigan

Custom Formulating Services

PRO-SET’s capabilities include the formulation of custom resin and hardener systems to meet the specific process and performance needs of our customers. Over the years, we have developed many successful systems tailored to a variety of specific applications. Our Technical Department offers a wide range of testing, custom formulating and technical support services.

Generally, the formulation and vetting of a custom system are quite rapid, with our customer providing input along the development process. Often minimum volumes and slightly extended lead times are required once a custom system is placed into production. If you have a need for a custom formulation to meet your specific process and performance requirements, please contact us.

Proprietary Formulations

If a customer specifies it and volume warrants it, we can make a custom epoxy formulation proprietary. Formulations that are not proprietary may be added to our line of Special Order products available to other customers.