Laminating Epoxies

CAPTIVE CARRY by Scaled Composites, Mojave California
CAPTIVE CARRY by Scaled Composites, Mojave, California


PRO-SET Laminating Epoxies are a versatile system of liquid resins and hardeners designed to meet a wide range of wet lay-up laminating applications.

Use PRO-SET Laminating Epoxies to produce lightweight, high-performance composite structures that will withstand long-term cyclic loading in the harshest environments. These epoxies bond to core materials, wood, metal, and all reinforcing fabrics. They offer excellent moisture resistance, toughness, and superior resistance to heat and fatigue. PRO-SET Laminating Epoxies develop excellent physical properties at room temperature and may be post-cured for enhanced performance.

Laminating Epoxies can be dyed, upon request, to provide for visual quality control. A yellow dye in the resin and a blue dye in the hardener, when properly metered and thoroughly mixed, will result in a consistent shade of green.

Laminating Resins

  • LAM-125 Low Viscosity Laminating Resin
  • LAM-135 Medium Viscosity Laminating Resin
  • LAM-145 Thixotropic Laminating Resin

Laminating Hardeners

  • LAM-224 Fast Laminating Hardener
  • LAM-226 Medium Laminating Hardener
  • LAM-229 Slow Laminating Hardener
  • LAM-237 Extra Slow Laminating Hardener
  • LAM-239 Extended Open Time Hardener

See Technical Data Sheets in the table below for details on PRO-SET Standard Laminating resin and hardener combinations.

Standard Laminating Epoxies — Technical Data

System Epoxy Type Cure Speed
LAM-125 / LAM-224 Low-Viscosity Laminating Fast
LAM-125 / LAM-226 Low-Viscosity Laminating Medium
LAM-125 / LAM-229 Low-Viscosity Laminating Slow
LAM-125 / LAM-237 Low-Viscosity Laminating Extra Slow
LAM-125 / LAM-239 Low-Viscosity Laminating Extended Open Time
LAM-135 / LAM-224 Medium-Viscosity Laminating Fast
LAM-135 / LAM-226 Medium-Viscosity Laminating Medium
LAM-135 / LAM-229 Medium-Viscosity Laminating Slow
 LAM-135 / LAM-237 Medium-Viscosity Laminating Extra Slow
LAM-135 / LAM-239 Medium-Viscosity Laminating Extended Open Time
LAM-145 / LAM-224 Thixotroped Laminating Fast
LAM-145 / LAM-226 Thixotroped Laminating Medium
LAM-145 / LAM-229 Thixotroped Laminating Slow
LAM-145 / LAM-237 Thixotroped Laminating Extra Slow
LAM-145 / LAM-239 Thixotroped Laminating Extended Open Time
LAM-145-BK  / LAM-239 Thixotroped Laminating, Black Extended Open Time
PRO-SET Laminating Epoxies
PRO-SET Standard Laminating Products

Toughened Laminating Systems

These cost-effective, high-performance formulations are designed for synthetic composite manufacturing. Featuring a medium viscosity for good wet out of all synthetic composite fabrics and core materials.

See Technical Data Sheets in the table below for details on PRO-SET Toughened Laminating resin and hardener combinations.

Toughened Laminating Resins

  • M1002 Toughened Laminating Resin

Toughened Laminating Hardeners

  • M2043 Toughened Fast-Curing Laminating Hardener
  • M2044 Toughened Medium-Curing Laminating Hardener
  • M2046 Toughened Slow-Curing Laminating Hardener


Toughened Laminating Epoxies — Technical Data

System Epoxy Type Cure Speed
 M1002 / M2043 Toughened Laminating Fast
 M1002 / M2044 Toughened Laminating Medium
 M1002 / M2046 Toughened Laminating Slow