Surfboard Epoxies

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PRO-SET Surfboard Epoxies are brilliant, ultra-clear systems formulated for high-volume production with fast flip times, excellent sandability and outstanding cosmetics in the showroom and on the waves.

Outstanding cosmetics. Ultra clear. Optical brighteners enhance whites and colors, bringing out the best in today’s foam blanks (no dyes used). Great UV and color stability. Use SBE-166 Absolute Clear for a colorless clear finish over dark surfaces or wood.

Fast production. 2:1 resin to hardener ratio. Flip time as fast as 1 hour at 85˚F with added accelerator. Very low to no blush. Sands easily without complicated additives. SBE-262 Fast Hardener is formulated for hot coating and cooler shops. SBE-265 Slow Hardener has low exotherm and is formulated for laminating, potting, and hotter shops.
Superior physical properties with room temperature cure.

Surfboard Resin

  • SBE-160 Classic Bright
  • SBE-163 Vivid Bright
  • SBE-166 Absolute Clear

Surfboard Hardeners

  • SBE-262 Surfboard Fast Hardener
  • SBE-265 Surfboard Slow Hardener

Surfboard Accelerator

  • SBE-460 Accelerator – Surfboard epoxy accelerator. Speed cure time of SBE-160 / SBE-262 when added at *3% by weight.

See Technical Data Sheets for details on PRO-SET Surfboard resin and hardener combinations.

Surfboard Epoxies — Technical Data

System Epoxy Type Cure Speed
SBE-160 / SBE 262  Classic Bright Fast
SBE-160 / SBE 265  Classic Bright Slow
SBE-163 / SBE 262  Vivid Bright Fast
SBE-163 / SBE 265  Vivid Bright Slow
SBE-166 / SBE 262  Absolute Clear Fast
SBE-166 / SBE 265  Absolute Clear Slow


PRO-SET Surfboard Epoxies

PRO-SET Surfboard Epoxies

See Process Equipment for 2:1 ratio, SBE-specific High-Capacity Positive Displacement Pumps.


Special Order Clear Coating Systems

Developed for coating and fiberglass cloth application where an exceptionally clear finish is desired. Thin film applications roll out and tip off smoothly, requiring less sanding in preparation for finish coatings. Cures water clear. Produces excellent results over dark surfaces, carbon fiber and brightwork.

Special Order Clear Coating Epoxy — Technical Data

System Epoxy Type Cure Speed
 M1038-M2018  150°Tg Clear Laminating Slow