Tooling Epoxies

Adams Aircraft built by Scaled Composites

Aircraft built by Scaled Composites, Mojave, California for Adams Aircraft Industries, Arapahoe County, Colorado


PRO-SET Tooling Epoxies are 2-part pastes formulated for surfacing molds and plugs.

The state-of-the-art chemistry behind PRO-SET Tooling Epoxies makes them easy to use, saving on labor and yielding high-quality results. They blend quickly, spread easily, shrink minimally and cure within eight hours.

PRO-SET TLG-625 Low-Density Fairing Putty is formulated for filling and fairing composite structures in manufacturing and repair applications. It can be applied in thicknesses up to ½” (12 mm) without slumping or sagging. The shear thinning characteristic provides excellent feather edge application. The cured putty is very easy to sand and the filler blend minimizes airborne dust during sanding.


Fairing Epoxy Putty

  • TLG-625R Low-Density Fairing Putty Resin
  • TLG-625H Low-Density Fairing Putty Hardener

Standard Tooling Epoxies — Technical Data

System Epoxy Type Cure Speed
TLG-625R / TLG-625H Fairing Putty Medium
PRO-SET Standard Tooling Epoxies

PRO-SET Standard Tooling Epoxies



Special Order Tooling Surface Coat Epoxies come in Fast, and High-Temp, and are available in either black or white. Technical data sheets for these products are linked in the table below.

Please allow longer lead times for Special Order products.

Special Order Tooling Epoxies — Technical Data

System Epoxy Type Cure Speed
 M1018-M2043 White Tooling Surface Coat Fast
 M1018-M2010 White Tooling Surface Coat High-Temp
 M1019-M2043 Black Tooling Surface Coat Fast
 M1019-M2010 Black Tooling Surface Coat High-Temp