Understanding Lot Numbers

A brief overview of how to decipher our batch numbers.

Batch 1663044A of ACE-166.

The lot number for this container’s batch is “1663044A“.

The first 3 digits of each lot number signifies the product. The “166” indicates that this batch contains our ACE-166 product.

The 4th digit signifies which year of this decade the bacth was made. The “3” indicates that it was made in 2023.

The next 3 digits signify which day of the year the batch was made. We use the Julian calendar. “044” means this batch was made on the 44th day of the year, as in 44 out of 365. Day 44 correlates to being February 13th of 2023.

Lastly, the letter on the end indicates which batch of the day this container belongs to. A = batch 1, B = batch 2, and so forth.

Batch 2623088A of ACE-262.

This container’s batch number is “2623088A“.

The “262” signifies that this batch contains ACE-262.

Next, the “3” signifies that this batch was made in 2023.

The next 3 numbers, “088“, indicate that this batch was made on the 88th day of the year. When looking at the Julian calendar, we can see that the 88th day of the year in 2023 was March 29th.

Lastly, the “A” indicates this was the first batch of ACE-262 made on March 29th.