High-Temp & Tooling Epoxies

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MELGES 14 by Melges Performance Sailboats, Zenda, WI


PRO-SET High-Temperature Epoxies are a system of 2-part, high-performance epoxies for synthetic composite tooling and part manufacturing. The High-Temperature system consists of a Surface Coat Epoxy, Laminating Epoxy, and an Infusion Epoxy. High-Temperature Epoxy systems can be used with PRO-SET Low-Density Fairing Putty for surfacing molds and plugs. The state-of-the-art chemistry behind these epoxies makes them easy to use, saving on labor and yielding high-quality results. They blend quickly, spread easily and shrink minimally. When combined to manufacture composite parts, they can be demolded after 24-48 hours at room temperature before a freestanding post-cure.

The Tg of this system is as high as 300°F (149°C) with proper post-cure. It has excellent temperature stability and part cosmetics.

The Infusion and Laminating Epoxies can be dyed, upon request, to provide for visual quality control. A yellow dye in the resin and a blue dye in the hardener, when properly metered and thoroughly mixed, will result in a consistent shade of green. The Surface Coat Epoxy is available only in black.

High-Temp Infusion Resin

  • HTP-180 High-Temp Infusion Resin (elevated cure)

High-Temp Infusion Hardener

  • HTP-280 High-Temp Infusion Hardener

High-Temp Laminating Resin

  • HTP-182 High-Temp Laminating Resin

High-Temp Laminating Hardener

  • HTP-284 High Temp Laminating Fast Hardener
  • HTP-286 High Temp Laminating Slow Hardener

High-Temp Surface Coat Resin

  • HTP-187 High-Temp Surface Coat Resin

High-Temp Surface Coat Hardener

  • HTP-288 High-Temp Surface Coat Hardener

See the Technical Data Sheets in the table below for details on PRO-SET High-Temp resin and hardener combinations.


Standard High-Temp Epoxies — Technical Data

System Epoxy Type Cure Speed
HTP-180 / HTP-280 High-Temp Infusion Medium
HTP-182 / HTP-284 High-Temp Laminating Fast
HTP-182 / HTP-286 High-Temp Laminating Slow
HTP-187 / HTP-288 High-Temp Surface Coat Slow


PRO-SET HTP High Temperature Epoxies


PRO-SET TLG-625 Low-Density Fairing Putty is formulated for filling and fairing composite structures in manufacturing and repair applications. It can be applied in thicknesses up to ½” (12 mm) without slumping or sagging. The shear thinning characteristic provides excellent featheredge application. The cured putty is very easy to sand and the filler blend minimizes airborne dust during sanding.

Fairing Epoxy Putty

  • TLG-625R Low-Density Fairing Putty Resin
  • TLG-625H Low-Density Fairing Putty Hardener

Standard Tooling Epoxy — Technical Data

System Epoxy Type Cure Speed
TLG-625R / TLG-625H Fairing Putty Medium
PRO-SET Standard Tooling Epoxies
PRO-SET Standard Tooling Epoxies