PRO-SET Named an Official Supplier for New York Yacht Club American Magic, Challenger for the 37th America’s Cup

American Magic will use PRO-SET Epoxies in the construction of the AC75, a 23-m monohull designed to sail above water on advanced hydrofoils. PRO-SET will supply American Magic with their proprietary adhesives and epoxy resins, as well as laminate testing services. As an official supplier, PRO-SET Epoxy joins a select group of companies dedicated to supporting American Magic’s pursuit of excellence both on and off the water.

PRO-SET Teams Up with DGM Racing

Entering the final leg of the 2022 season, DGM Racing and Mason Massey introduce another first-time sponsor to the NASCAR Xfinity Series. PRO-SET® Epoxy (PRO-SET) will serve as the primary partner of the No. 91 Chevrolet Camaro in the New Holland 250 at Michigan International Speedway (MIS) this weekend. “We’ve had the honor of collaborating with incredible teams and organizations in many forms of racing; after all, racing is how our company started.” Says Dani Munsch, Marketing Director, Gougeon Brothers, Inc.

PATRIOT Splits Races 1-1 with Luna Rossa

Day 2 of the Prada America’s Cup World Series Auckland saw two gripping races between New York Yacht Club American Magic, the U.S. Challenger for the 36th America’s Cup, and Italy’s Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team, the Challenger of Record.

Class Xero Combines Coffee and Epoxy in Sustainable Yacht Design – Epoxycraft

Image credit: Alec Smith – Craig Palmer, based in Worthing, is looking at opportunities to bring the marine industry together in a collaborative way. In the middle of building a sustainable ocean-going yacht Class Xero, he says that the industry is rightly under a lot of pressure to change, he’s ready to take the …

American Magic Preps for Southern Hemisphere Move

A mid-April check in with American Magic skipper Terry Hutchinson confirms the team continues to push ahead in Pensacola, Florida, with preparations for the America’s Cup in New Zealand.

Rossion Cars Builds Boutique Business, With the Help of PRO-SET Epoxy

From Mooresville, North Carolina, US, Jason Young, Global Sales of Rossion Cars, grew up in the NASCAR industry.

Road to the America’s Cup podcast episode 2: How the AC75 will fly

In recent weeks we have seen the first AC75s start to fly, but the engineering and sailing techniques needed to get these new monohulls to foil are very different to the catamarans of the previous Cup cycles America’s Cup teams first flew in San Francisco in 2013.

Lexus LY 650 Yacht Takes Composite Technology and Luxury to Sea | Composites Manufacturing Magazine

The new Lexus LY 650 yacht features a light and highly rigid composite hull that combines carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic and glass-fiber-reinforced plastic, contributing to remarkable high-speed performance and comfortable cruising. The Lexus LY 650 Yacht is the manifestation of Lexus’ desire to go beyond the automobile to deliver luxury experiences.


After an estimated 76,000 combined hours of fabrication and finishing work by the production and shore teams of American Magic, the U.S. Challenger’s first AC75 racing boat was officially named and launched on Saturday morning. Named Defiant, the cutting-edge foiling monohull is the first America’s Cup class boat built to represent the New York Yacht Club in over 16 years.

Upgrading a KELT 850 Rudder using PRO-SET Epoxy – Epoxycraft

Back in 2015 we ran a story on fixing rudders, written by Wessex Resins and Adhesives technical guru David Johnson. Here he updates us on his rudder repairs and how to make them using PRO-SET and WEST SYSTEM products. Read the original article here: Planning and preparation Firstly this kind of work is no small …

America’s Cup: NYYC American Magic is first AC75 to sail

NYYC American Magic has become the first team to foil an AC75 soon after raising their sails for the first time. With Dean Barker (NZL/USA) on the helm they were able to get foiling on the first day on Narragansett Bay near Newport, Rhode Island.

Disruptive composite tubing manufacturing

That process is now making 1- to 6-inch diameter tubes using braided reinforcements (A&P Technology is the prime vendor) and PRO-SET epoxy resin. “The fibers — which can be carbon, glass, aramid or a hybrid — are continuous and oriented at defined angles to provide high mechanical properties at low weight,” says Will Crook, TUBETEC chief development officer.

PRO-SET laminated Maguire Exocet Moths top Moth Worlds

Soon to be celebrating the creation of their 100th Exocet Moth, the team at Hampshire-based Maguire Boats are flushed with the success of recent racing results. Maguire-built boats took all 17 of the top positions from a fleet of 45 entrants at the Moth Worlds in Bermuda earlier this year.

Rossion Cars has built a boutique business, with the help of PRO-SET epoxy – Epoxycraft

“I’m from Mooresville – the home of NASCAR – in North Carolina,” says Jason Young, Global Sales Rossion Cars. “All my buddies race or build cars, so it makes sense that I stayed in the industry I grew up with.” And what a company to be working for.


OUTLIER is a 55-foot cold-molded custom yacht designed by Botin Partners of Spain. She’s a spirit of tradition racer and daysailer engineered for performance. While she has a modern underbody with a deep, fixed-bulb keel, OUTLIER’s aesthetic above the waterline is decidedly traditional with a roomy cockpit, closed transom and classic housetop.

Jarrett Bay 90

What’s so different about Jaruco? This boat is up to 50,000 lbs lighter than the competition and runs over 10 mph faster. The builder, Jarrett Bay Boatworks, uses PRO-SET INF-114 and ADV-175 in her construction.

NetComposites: Rossion Cars Builds Boutique Business, With the Help of PRO-SET Epoxy

From Mooresville, North Carolina, US, Jason Young, Global Sales of Rossion Cars, grew up in the NASCAR industry. Rossion builds a mere 36-48 cars a year at its 45,000sq ft facility in Palm Beach, Florida,US, with each car taking around six months to be hand crafted and worked on by a team of 70 employees.

Young Cuppers Regroup

Crew tryouts in March gave the Stars + Stripes Team USA challenge a chance to get sailing and build an identity while its boat was under build in Michigan.

Yacht Anna Wins Classic Boat Award – Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding

LONDON, ENGLAND – Anna , the 65′ cold-molded sailing yacht built by Lyman-Morse in 2018, won the prestigious Spirit of Tradition Classic Boat Award at an exclusive event held at the Royal Thames Yacht Club in Knightsbridge on April 2.

New York Yacht Club American Magic names PRO-SET as official supplier

The team will use PRO-SET epoxies in the construction of the AC75, a 23-m monohull designed to sail above water on advanced hydrofoils.

This foiling racer is crazy fast thanks to composites

The Exocet racer’s hull and its foils, designed via computer model, are fabricated using hand layup and resin infusion methods, respectively, with PRO-SET epoxy.

Racing catamaran still performing

Incognito, a 28-year-old catamaran, is still setting speed records and besting much newer craft. It was fabricated by Gougeon Brothers Inc. (Bay City, MI, US) in 1990, and is owned by Russell Brown of Port Townsend, WA, US, who was the first solo finisher in the 2018 grueling R2AK (Race to Alaska).

Mule a speedy workhorse for American Magic sailing crew

SAN DIEGO (AP) – Out on Pensacola Bay, the combination of a fantastical-looking test boat called the Mule and technology from aviation giant Airbus is giving the New York Yacht Club’s American Magic a flying start toward trying to win the America’s Cup in two years.

Review: Hawksley Classic Etoile 18 review – Motor Boat & Yachting

After being inspired by a boat magazine article, Simon Hawksley planned and pieced together the vessel of his dreams. Not only the first he’d ever built, but also the first he’d ever owned! Attempting to log a maximum speed in a small, fast boat always focuses the mind, but today more than ever.

A partnership for sustainable composites

CW talks to Entropy Resins and Gougeon Brothers about their future as one company. To me, this announcement makes so much sense and heralds, I believe, a bright future for composites. In the communications Gougeon and Entropy sent to their customers and associates, they painted an image of growth, literally.

Composites Scholarship Awarded to Engineering Student

Winona, Minnesota-Benjamin Wooden of Edina, Minn. was named the first recipient of the Michael A. Barnard Memorial Scholarship at Winona State University (WSU). The scholarship, established by the Gougeon Employees Foundation, is designed to benefit Winona State… #47 #BenjaminWooden #Epoxyworks47

The International 14: High-tech but still accessible

In the realm of sailboat racing, the International 14 World Assn. (Kent, UK) calls its I-14 events the choice “for sailors looking for a fast, challenging boat in which they can develop their own ideas while sailing in the company of a group of like-minded, open and welcoming competitors.”

Rapid Evolution

Mike Arieta doesn’t like to sit still. Rather than talk in a conference room, he asks if we can chat while we tour the Hinckley Company’s Trenton, Maine, boatbuilding facilities. A recent snowstorm has made walking between the sheds icy and precarious, but Hinckley’s new president is undeterred.

Finding Solace in a new, mysterious boat design

Most industry observers might be wary of a public relations campaign announcing a new boat line with no pictures of the boats. Instead, there are images of seashells, sand and waves. But if the owner of the new Solace line has the name Dougherty – the same Dougherty family behind the Boston Whaler, EdgeWater and Everglades brands – a certain amount of leeway should be granted.

A fascinating inside look at a marine design – three decades ago

Fabricated by Gougeon Manufacturing in 1990, Incognito is a composite catamaran that’s still setting speed records and besting much newer craft. Gougeon Brothers Inc. (Bay City, MI, US) recently sent an interesting press release about a 28-year old catamaran that’s still setting speed records and besting much newer craft.

Pro-Set high-capacity epoxy pumps

Gougeon Brothers Inc. (Pro-Set Inc., Bay City, MI, US) has introduced new high-volume epoxy pumps that dispense epoxy faster than any pump the company has ever offered.