PRO-SET® Absolute Clear Epoxies

PRO-SET® Absolute Clear Epoxies are formulated to create exceptionally clear coatings and laminations with carbon and other reinforcement fibers. They are commonly used in production settings for clear coatings on wood, surfboard laminations, and other boardsport products.


PRO-SET® Absolute Clear Epoxies offer colorless clarity and UV stability. For optimal long-term UV stability, it is recommended to use this epoxy with a UV-stable topcoat.

The two hardener speeds were designed for easy processing and the system is well-suited for fill coats and hand wetting out of lightweight reinforcement fabrics or fibers. It cures to an ultra smooth surface that can be easily sanded. Absolute Clear Epoxies reach their full physical properties with a room-temperature cure.

Each Absolute Clear resin and hardener combination has unique physical, mechanical, and thermal properties. See the Technical Data Sheets in the table below for details.


  • ACE-166 Absolute Clear Resin


  • ACE-262 Absolute Clear Fast Hardener
  • ACE-265 Absolute Clear Slow Hardener
System Epoxy Laminating Type Cure Speed
ACE-166 / ACE 262 Absolute Clear Fast
ACE-166 / ACE 265 Absolute Clear Slow

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